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Morea Gallery

This page provides pointers to websites developed with Morea. Please contact us if you want your site included.

Basic Template

The basic-template implements a "Hello World" version of a Morea website.

If you are starting a Morea website from scratch, this gives you a simple example with which to start.

Live site Github repo

ICS 314, Software Engineering

The original itch that the Morea Framework was designed to scratch: how to properly document an "athletic" approach to software engineering education?

This site illustrates how outcomes and assessments can work together to provide insight into the effectiveness of the course structure. It also shows some design features of the Morea Framework (navbar extensions, include templates for customized pages, responsive embedded videos, and the "SpaceLab" theme.)

Live site Github repo

ICS 215, Introduction to Scripting

ICS 215 is a sophomore level course on scripting.

This site illustrates the addition of a Schedule and a Leaderboard page.

Live site Private repo!


The website provides links to "review sites" with archival material on core undergraduate courses in the computer science curriculum at the University of Hawaii. Each review site is implemented using the Morea Framework

This site illustrates how individual Morea modules from different sites can be cross-linked through Morea "prerequisites", and how Morea can provide a uniform representation and interface to courses across a curriculum.

Live site Private repo!

ITM 352, Programming Application Systems

A web application programming class taught using PHP in the Shidler School of Business, UH Manoa. This same site is revised for each semester it is taught.

Like ICS 314, this class is taught using the "athletic software engineering" pedagogy.

Live site Private repo!

GrammarViz web site

Illustrates how Morea can be used to provide a modularized tutorial site for an open source tool for time series mining.

Live site Github repo

CS 294, Python Programming

A python programming course at the University of Hawaii, Hilo

Live site Private repo!

Software Engineering at Jerusalem College of Engineering

A software engineering course website using Morea in Hebrew!

Live site Private repo!