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Lint and Terminal User Interface for Morea sites

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morea-lintui is a Morea content validator (like lint for C) and Morea content editor (via a Text User Interface, or tui).

The content validator:

The content editor:


Lintui (for now) requires Python 2.7. A Python 3 version is forthcoming.

Once the installation is done, morea-lintui should be available on your PATH as a command.


morea-lintui should be invoked from a Morea root directory (i.e., from a location in which either the master/src/morea/ or the src/morea directory is visible)

Here are typical invocations:

All the above executions first display some information and warnings, which can be avoided via the --no-splash command-line option.

morea-lintui --help lists all command-line options.

TUI usage

The use of the Text User Interface is intuitive. Use the direction arrows to navigate, or to select, and the hot keys listed at the top and bottom of the interface to change view, save, cancel, quit, etc.

Manage module-level structure

The Modules page lists all the Modules in your site and allows you to manipulate various properties (Published, Coming Soon, hightlight), and change the order in which they appear in the published site:

Manage all content

You can view all other Morea content, structured by referencing module

Manage file content

Each Morea .md file can be viewed/edited (modify ordering in lists, commenting/uncommenting, simple tex editing of some fields):