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Morea Version 3.2 release

ยท One min read

The Morea team is delighted to announce the release of Version 3.2. This release focuses on improved support for new Morea users, and includes:

  • Addition of a "template-module" to the morea template repository.
  • Documentation explaining module design and implementation using the new template-module. For details, see Module design.
  • Addition of a "_module-icons" directory to the morea template repository, making over 50 PNG from past Morea modules available. For details, see Module Icons documentation.
  • Documentation on how to use Gitpod for Morea development. For details, see Choosing local vs. cloud development
  • Bundler updated to 2.4.2, various gems updated.

As usual, any changes to the code do not impact existing sites. You will only see these changes the next time you create a new Morea site from the morea template repository.

Have fun and let us know if you run into problems.