Module: Javascript: Basics

Basic Javascript coding: variables, expressions, conditionals, loops, functions, arrays, objects.

Dates: Mon, Jul 12 - Fri, Jul 16

Prerequisite Modules

OOP and Class Hierarchies

OOP and Class Hierarchies

Object-oriented programming and Java Class Hierarchy.

Learning Outcomes

Competent with elementary Javascript


Guided tour of the Javascript 1 module

Why, what, how, and when you will learn about Javascript, Phase 1.

7 reasons why Javascript is better than Java and C++

Why you want to learn Javascript (even if you don’t do web app development)

Introduction to JSFiddle

Quick introduction to the JSFiddle Javascript environment

AirBnB Javascript Style Guide

Javascript style guidelines for ICS 314

ES6: for-of, for-in

How to iterate over arrays and objects in ES6

Experiential Learning

E04: Introduction to Javascript with FreeCodeCamp

Basic syntax: functions, for loops, while loops, if-then-else, arrays, objects

E06: Reflect on Javascript 1

Write a technical essay summarizing your learning about Javascript.

E05: isUnique

Solve the first CTCI problem


A01: Assessment of simple Javascript skills

Loops? Conditionals? JSFiddle?

Outcome(s) assessed: Competent with elementary Javascript