Experiential Learning "Active" learning opportunities

This page collects together all of the “experiences” associated with individual modules.

In this site, experiences represent “active” learning opportunities, as opposed to readings, which represent “passive” learning opportunities. In many courses, readings and experiences together constitute the “assignments”.

Module: Introduction to ICS 199

E01: Environment configuration

Learn how to configure your development environment.

E02: Introduce yourself

Get started with the ICS 314 Discord server

E03: Learn the command line

Learn how to use the command line.

Module: Javascript: Basics

E04: Introduction to Javascript with FreeCodeCamp

Basic syntax: functions, for loops, while loops, if-then-else, arrays, objects

E06: Reflect on Javascript 1

Write a technical essay summarizing your learning about Javascript.

E05: isUnique

Solve the first CTCI problem

Module: Open Source Software

E07: Reflect on smart questions

Use Stack Overflow to find smart and not-smart questions

Module: Ethics in Software Engineering

E08: What are the professional codes of software engineering ethics?

How do professional codes help us to be ethical in our working lives?

E09: Doing good as a software engineer

How can software engineers contribute to the good life for others?

E10: Doing harm as a software engineer

What kinds of harm can software engineers cause? What kinds can they prevent?