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The _config.yml file

The _config.yml file provides configuration information to Jekyll. The Morea Framework uses this file to provide important configuration information.

For general information about this configuration file, see The following sections document each of the important configuration fields for a Morea site.

Sample contents

Here is an example version taken from the template that illustrates the default settings. There are three sets of fields:

  • Site Specific: fields that the user frequently modifies for each site.
  • Morea Portal: fields that are only important if this site is part of a "Morea Portal".
  • Internal Configuration: fields that the user should not normally edit.
# See

# SITE SPECIFIC: The following fields are typically changed for each site
name: ICS 199
baseurl: /morea
morea_theme: spacelab
timezone: Pacific/Honolulu
- Prerequisites
- Modules
- Outcomes
- Readings
- Experiences
- Assessments
- Schedule
Morea: error

# MOREA PORTAL: The following fields are only needed if this site is part of a "Morea Portal".
# morea_course: ics311
# morea_domain:
# morea_google_analytics_tracking_id: "<your tracking id here>"
# morea_head_breadcrumb_link: ""
# morea_head_breadcrumb_label: "CNN Site"

# INTERNAL CONFIGURATION: The following fields are not normally edited by users.
markdown: kramdown
hard_wrap: false
input: GFM
syntax_highlighter: rouge
mathjax: true
exclude: [morea]
keep_files: [schedule/schedule-info.js]
- jekyll-gist

Field documentation

The following sections document each field.


DescriptionThe baseurl field tells Jekyll what the root domain URL should look like.
TypeSite Specific
ValueTypically the name of the repo.


DescriptionThe exclude field tells Jekyll not to process the morea/ subdirectory. Instead, the MoreaGenerator plugin will process all of those files.


DescriptionThe keep_files field tells Jekyll not to delete the schedule-info.js file in the destination directory upon regeneration, because it is written directly to the destination directory by the MoreaGenerator plugin.


DescriptionThe kramdown field provides configuration information to the kramdown markdown processor. In rare cases, the user might want to adjust these settings.
ValueSee the sample file.


DescriptionMorea has a configurable logger (based on the logger_factory plugin) which allows different amounts of output to be sent to the console. There are four possible values. In order of increasing output, they are: error, warn, info, and debug.
TypeSite specific
errorfatal errors only. combine with -q on command line for least amount of output
warnerror output + missing optional YAML matter
infowarn output + summary of processing steps
debuginfo output + internal debugging data, for developers


DescriptionThe markdown field tells Jekyll what markdown processor to use.
ValueTypically kramdown.


DescriptionThe mathjax field tells Morea whether or not to download the MathJax CSS and JS files.
ValueIt's easiest just to keep this enabled, unless you are experiencing errors or slow page display times due to MathJax.


DescriptionThe morea_course field tells the Morea Portal what course this is.
TypeMorea Portal
ValueTypically the name of the repo.


DescriptionThe morea_navbar_items field tells Morea which of the Morea entities to display in the Navbar.
TypeSite Specific
ValueComment out any entities you don't actually use. For example, "prerequisites" is often commented out.


DescriptionThe morea_theme field tells Morea which Bootswatch theme to use.
TypeSite Specific
ValueUse any theme in the css/themes directory. At the time of writing, the following theme values are available: cerulean, cerulean-green, cerulean-purple, cerulean-red, darkly, spacelab.


DescriptionThe name field tells Jekyll (and Morea) what the name of the site is.
TypeSite Specific
ValueTypically the name of the site. You can include spaces.


DescriptionThe plugins field tells Jekyll what gems must be installed.
ValueWe have one for GitHub Gists at the time of writing.


DescriptionThe timezone field helps Jekyll to format times and dates correctly. For a list of legal timezone specifications, see
TypeSite Specific
ValueCurrently set to Honolulu time.