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Check for broken links

You can easily check your site for broken links prior to publication.

First, build your site locally using bundle exec jekyll build --baseurl '':

$ bundle exec jekyll build --baseurl ''
Configuration file: /Users/philipjohnson/github/morea-framework/morea/_config.yml
Configuration file: /Users/philipjohnson/github/morea-framework/morea/_config.yml
Source: /Users/philipjohnson/github/morea-framework/morea
Destination: /Users/philipjohnson/github/morea-framework/morea/_site
Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental
Conflict: The following destination is shared by multiple files.
The written file may end up with unexpected contents.
- /Users/philipjohnson/github/morea-framework/morea/schedule/schedule-info.js
- /Users/philipjohnson/github/morea-framework/morea/schedule/schedule-info.js

done in 1.124 seconds.
Auto-regeneration: disabled. Use --watch to enable.

Note that unlike bundle exec jekyll serve, the build command simply creates the files but does not bring up a local webserver, and you do not need to type control-c to terminate the process.

Once the site is built, invoke bundle exec htmlproofer ./_site to check for broken links:

$ bundle exec htmlproofer ./_site
Running ["ImageCheck", "LinkCheck", "ScriptCheck"] on ["./_site"] on *.html...

Checking 44 external links...
Ran on 68 files!

HTML-Proofer finished successfully.

Note that if you encounter the following error:

htmlproofer 4.3.2 | Error:  "\xCA" on US-ASCII

You can fix it by setting LC_TYPE:

export LC_CTYPE="utf-8"